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Windows Users:

After the image has fully loaded to full size:

  • Move the mouse cursor over the image.
  • Then click with right mouse button and select "Set as Wallpaper".
  • The wallpaper should appear as the new desktop.

NOTE (for Win and Mac): You can save all the images you want to your hard drive and set them as wallpapers whenever you want. To save a wallpaper to your hard drive, right-click it and choose "Save image as".
When you want to set one as wallpaper, open it with your web browser and set it as explained above.

Mac Users (For Mac OS 8.x ONLY!!):

After the image has fully loaded on the web page:

  • Move the mouse cursor over the image.
  • Hold down the mouse button and Choose "Save image as" (Save image to your Mac's hard drive).
  • Open the control panel "Desktop Pictures".
  • Click "Remove picture" and then click "Select picture".
  • Load new wallpaper from where you saved the image on your computer.
  • Finally, simply choose "position automatically" for wallpaper.

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