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Mk4 Golf Race Diagnostics (Gauge + Mounting Pod) Mk4 Golf - Mk4 Golf 1.8T, Mk4 Golf TDi

Mk4 Golf Race Diagnostics (Gauge + Mounting Pod) Mk4 Golf

 Type of car Mk4 Golf 
 DESCRIPTION  The New Race Diagnostics multifunction tool & LCD Display is a multi function display gauge and diagnostics tool all in one neat self contained unit which incorporates many unique features previously unavailable in any format.
This new item shows engine and diagnostic information via an easy to read LCD screen, showing information in either a traditional gauge format or a scrolling graph design.
This unique item will aslso show engine power output aswell as the cars onroad performance , very trick !!!

Available for ALL 1.8T & TDI Models please choose from the options when ordering

All the units features are listed below -(functions may vary between models)

Gauge & Graph Display
Engine Power
Engine Torque
Boost Pressure
Dyno Plot
Air/Fuel Ratio
Mass Air Flow
Air Intake Temp
Exhaust Temp
Coolant Temp

Speed timing
0-60 Acceleration Display
0-100 Acceleration Display

G-Force Display
G-Force cornering Stats
Acceleration & deceleration Display

Fault Codes
Display Fault Codes
Erase Fault Codes
Read Faul Codes

This unique multifunction display tool is a simple plug & Play self contained unit that's available for most VAG cars fitted with the 0BD2 diagnostic port.

The model shown here is supplied with a specific Mk4 Golf air vent mounting pod designed exclusively by SWG Motorsport to enable this unit to be easily and neatly encorporated into the vehicles air vent, and so giving an O.E style mounting solution without the need for any aftermarket holder etc which may ruin the look of the interior.

More specific vehicle models available, please check your vehicle's listing on our front page for availability.

PLEASE NOTE: Our price is for the complete ready to fit kit and vent pod insert -

When ordering, please choose from one of the model options for your vehicle shown below.


code number : RD Mk4VP 
 PRICE 220.95
Options Mk4 Golf 1.8T
Mk4 Golf TDi

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 [This Gauge shows]   
 Engine Power    0-60 Acceleration Display
 Engine Torque    0-100 Acceleration Display
 Boost Pressure    G-Force cornering Stats
 Timing Advance    Acceleration & deceleration
 Air/Fuel Ratio    Display Fault Codes
 Mass Air Flow    Erase Fault Codes
 Air Intake Temp    Read Faul Codes
 Exhaust Temp    Petrol & Diesel models
 Coolant Temp    Dyno Plot


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